Friday, February 20, 2009

Much needed time

I am reminded once again that it it the small things in life that make it worth getting up every day and venturing out into the cold. First off, I had my ears cracked at the chiropractor which I love. Then I had lunch with Rachael which was so nice. What I actually had to do today was buy something to put under a dress that I bought. I am notoriously bad at the "girly" thing so I talked Rachael into coming with me for moral support. I could have never believed that shopping could be so much fun! We even took time to try on evening gowns that we not only couldn't afford but would never have a place to wear. Three hours, one bra, one shirt, one pair of shoes and an Orange Julius later I found myself wondering were the day had gone. We rounded out the day picking out a tie for Mark and blissfully watching the fish in the aquarium. It was mostly the time. Just the low stress, relaxing time to take a much needed breath from life.

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stricken madchen said...

So you did find something to wear under the dress? Good for you. Take a picture of you wearing the dress now. (I know, I'm bossy). And umm, I finally posted something on my blog. It's a long post, so have a snack ready when you read it. ;-)