Friday, February 27, 2009

Flat Stanley

The first time I heard about Flat Stanley I wasn't so sure. But as I learned more about Dale Hubert's project I got very excited. This was for several different reasons. The first of which was learning that the teacher, Dale Hubert, who started the Flat Stanley Project is from London ,Ontario where I was born! Those Canadians are so cool!
So, here is the premis. Flat Stanley gets printed off and colored. He then accompanies you to different places and has his picture taken. Then you can email or snail mail your adventures to others. It was origianlly started as a way for kids to write and learn but is becoming a phenomenon all over the country. Flat Stanley had been photographed with many famous people.
I think that this is one of the niftiest things that I have ever seen. It is creative and cost effective. Especially with the rise of blogging and emailing this is a great way for everyone to get involved. To learn more about it go to the Flat Stanley website.
Print off your own Flat Stanley and show us all where you have been!

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