Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shadows from the Past

I had a conversation with my past tonight. It reminded me that we all change and grow into different people. Not all things from the past have to be revisited but sometimes it is nice to know that maybe you didn't screw it up like you thought you did. When I talk to people about regret and wanting to do things differently I always tell them that I don't regret things that have happened. You can't change those things. The only thing that we can do is learn from the experiences that shape who we are. Good and bad things all make us who we are. I like who I am. The question is, if I took away all the painful things, would I still be the person that I am? Every time I doubt how I deal with the world I try to remember what is is like when I compromise the real me, the me that I like. So, in the end we all end up in places that we don't like but the only thing that we can do is climb out and move on. We will all be okay. Give me a high five, give me a hug, and if you must, do a pink fruity shot and move forward. I know me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snowed In

I figured out that I officially need at least two full days to reset my brain and start to decompress for the time off to actually work. I finally gave in and took a day off sick on Monday. I think that my body just decided that it had been through enough and it was time to rest. I slept all day and then I lounged around on Tuesday because school was canceled. It was the BEST two days off ever. (not counting the sick part.) why does it take me so long to admit that I need a break? Why am I so stubborn and stupid about taking care of me? Of course now that I have had a few days my brain is mush but never mind that.
A few updates then...Leverage is one of the best shows on television right now. I watched a whole season yesterday. I also started my whole season of Fringe that is sitting on my TiVo. Awesome! To many fruit roll ups will give you a tummy ache. And I am about 40 rows from getting my shawl finished! All in all a very dull and relaxing few days. I am ready to face to world once again but try not to jump in all at once...please.