Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Note On Cleaning

I finally decided that I needed to clean the apartment. One of the reason's this is so hard is that my apartment is essentially only one room. So, I have no backup. It's not like I can hide the mess in the spare room and shut the door. And don't tell me that you have never done that! I also think that if I didn't have so many books, yarn and cooking gadgets it would be a lot easier to keep it tidy. But as much as I hate to clean I hate an untidy apartment more. So, I suck it up and clean. I even re alphabetized the books, organized the kitchen and cleaned the fridge! I feel like I got so much accomplished. Note to self...I need to go to Target and get hangers on Monday!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Born a Travelin Man

Or gal, as the case may be! That's right folks I have officially booked my flight and am going to Las Cruces, New Mexico for the summer. For those of you interested in all the nifty details, I will be flying out of Fargo on June 6th at 12:15pm. The plan is to fly back into Fargo on August 18th at 3:30pm. I DO have a round trip ticket so all those person's who have been worried about me staying there should not be worried! I am excited about this trip for a few reason's. One of the things that I said I wanted to do more of when I went back to school was travel and see new things. The other is that this is the first trip of this kind that I have ever taken. One of the things that I would like to do while I am away is to write letters. Not emails, facebook, blog (although I will be doing all of those things) but real letters, on paper, addressed and mailed through the USPS. If you would like to be one of my summer pen pals please let me know. Otherwise, keep an eye on the blog. I will post photos and thoughts for the entire summer about my adventure. You may also find me on Facebook! See you on the road!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bananas are great in Banana Cream Pie

Below is a series of emails that my family sent back and forth. We are an odd bunch. Fun, but odd.

Email from Matthew (my brother)

Yes. Yes they are. . .

From my Mom
I just spit a mouthful of tea all over my keyboard!

From my Dad
Warning label on a Showtime rotisserie. I saw this at Kmart the other day...

From Matthew
LOL. Damn you Ron!! You lied to me!!

From my Dad
It wasn't a lie. It was a metaphore.

From Me
Typical philosopher! I'm using that the next time!

From my Mom
No, not a metaphor--a rotisserie. Get your kitchen appliances straight.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Feed Your Soul

After last nights rant I decided to make a list. I know, I know, I am always making lists! But I think that we all loose sight of the things that make us happy sometimes. What really makes you feel like you, feeds your soul, inspires you? Here are my top five.

1. Knitting. Soothing, relaxing, and when I am done I have a pair of socks!
2. Cooking. No explanation needed.
3. Music. Who doesn't dance around their living room like an idiot sometimes!
4. Reading. I only with that I could find a way to knit and read at the same time. Perhaps a nice man who reads aloud?
5. Napping. And I mean a really good snuggly, phone off, middle of the day snooze in the rain.

I might also include really good films. Part of the reason being that I can knit and watch movies at the same time. In the last day I have done at least a little of each of these things. And, so, I go out into the world once again with good humor mostly in tact.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Will it End?

How long and dreary and mundane things seem to be now. I feel as though I have wandered into the final level of Dante's Inferno and wonder what trechery I have committed to trap me here. A week of sandbagging to hold back a river determined to destroy, three days of being sick (because of not taking care of myself during the previous), and just to top it off, more snow. So, after briefly thinking that there must be a way to justify staying in bed for the rest of the winter/spring I decide to try and make the best of it and pretend that it isn't happening. I pulled the blinds shut, put on a pot of tea, turned on Brideshead Revisited, and started a new knitting project. A lovely pair of green socks. Spring green, with specks of brown and yellow knit into a leafy pattern around my feet. Just the ticket. I feel that the completion of this project should take me just long enough to wait out the rest of the bad weather. You'll all cover for me...right?