Friday, December 19, 2008

Carry a big stick

All summer the blower motor on my car has been acting funny. That, by the way is the technical term. Finally a few weeks ago it stopped working completely and I had no defrost in my car. I brought it in to the auto department at the school in hopes that they could fix it for much cheaper than I could at a regular shop which they did for about a day and then it stopped working again. I know full well that I can't go through the entire winter with no defrost but I thought that maybe I could get around the problem by using some of that hot shit windshield washer fluid that could melt ice caps. This worked for about a week until the temperature actually went down to below zero and then it froze to the windshield as well. So, I drove to school while yelling profanities at my car and hoping not to die in some amazing crash. When I talked to Dennis about the car he told me that they couldn't actually replace the part until March but that he might have a temporary solution. He did preface this solution with the fact that I was working on borrowed time and to be careful. So, I did what I was told, I started my car, turned on the fan, and tapped under the passenger side dash with my stick. After a few sputters and a slightly alarming whining sound the motor started up and I had defrost. Needless to say, the stick doesn't leave the car!

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