Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night was the largest full moon of the year.

The moon will look bigger and brighter than any of the year. As I stood on my balcony last night and stared up and the orb hanging just of the edge of the building I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood stories about the princess Lenore and the moon.

When she is convinced that she wants the moon the Jester asks her how big it is, where to find it and what it is made of. She tells him that it is just smaller than her finger nail, it gets caught in the tree outside her window and it is made of gold. The other fabulous thing about her moon is that even if you pluck it out of the sky it will grow back. If I were going to wear the moon it would be a pearl surrounded by a silver band. A band so polished and bright that you could slide all the way around it like being in a playground full of stars. How do you see the world?

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matthew said...

barnes and noble does have it! sorry it took me so long to get back, for some reason i had to "moderate" the comment? i guess i'm still not 100% in sync with the wonders of blogspot...