Sunday, September 13, 2009

Free Condom.

Now that I have everyone's attention! Yup, it actually is a free condom, received at college night in Fargo, ND at the Fargo Dome.

Right away I could make all kinds of comments about how it says something about our society when they give away condoms at a college fair but we have all heard this before. Let me make it clear that I don't make a big "political" deal about a lot publicly but I will get up on my soap box and pound my pulpit about the importance of birth control until the cows come home so this is not about that. The reason for me putting this out there is that the whole exchange was so amusing to me. I was strolling through the college fair picking up free T-shirts, pens, candy, hair dye, ear plugs and anything else that people have come up with to give away. I walked past Planned Parenthood's booth which was one booth away from the Catholic Newman Center's booth. That was either a mistake or a really hilarious joke by someone!
This woman sees me glance over and shouts at me "Free Condom?!"
"Ummmm sure." I said
The guy that I was walking with, a classmate of mine says "Nice! Free condom!"
The really hilarious thing is that these things come in little packages like cheap matches and have all kinds of stuff written on them including a figure that looks like the Republican Party elephant with the phrase Protect America underneath it. As you can see by the photos this is, indeed a XL condom but I am pretty sure that I can not protect the whole of America with one extra large condom!

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